It is always an exciting time of year when the 2YO’s starting having their first jump outs.

The jump outs can be a bit deceiving to the casual observer because the youngsters are all at different stages of their education.  Some have jumped out several times and for others it is their first time out of the barriers since they were broken in.  Some are carrying light weight apprentices whilst others are carrying heavier track riders.  Some have on steel shoes and others are wearing light-weight aluminium plates.

The important thing is that the horses learn to stand quietly in the barriers, jump cleanly and finish strongly.  Some babies pick this up very quickly and others take a little time for the penny to drop.

It has been great to see so many owners coming along to see their babies hone their skills over the last couple of weeks.  It certainly adds to the excitement for our team when the owners come to see their 2YOs jump out of the barriers.

Back in the day they use to make a big day out of the 2YO trials.  Crowds would gather and bring along a picnic lunch to watch and see if they could spot the next champion.  It is a shame that this tradition has died as it would be fun for all concerned.

Happy Days







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