It is interesting to hear the comments of successful horse trainers in the pre- taped television interviews shown on major race days. The real horsemen will tell you that you can’t buy success and that all you can do is work hard, have attention to detail and hopefully you will reap the success.

Racing is the great equaliser it doesn’t matter if you are the Aka Ghan with over 1000 horses in training, the Queen of England or a former taxi driver from Queanbeyan with a tried horse, you are all on an even footing in racing. The horses do not know how much they cost and at the end of the day they are all athletes only some are better than others.

In other fields of employment you can study and work hard and you will reap the benefits. This is not always the case with horse training. Sometimes all the hard work and attention to detail doesn’t make much of a difference. However, the thing that keeps us all interested is the love of the horse and the knowledge that it can all turn around in an instant.

The last few months have seen us relocate stables within the Eagle Farm complex. At first we were devastated to leave the complex we had occupied for over 7 years with yards for our horses and our own private walker. We were fearful the horses would not like the new stable area but to our surprise the horses have adapted better than expected. The horses seem relaxed and we are getting the results we have all worked so hard for over the years.

We can honestly say that we are delighted for our loyal owners with our recent results of 4 wins, 4 seconds, 4 thirds and 4 fourths.  This equates to 16 out of the last 17 runners earning prize money for their connections. In a world where everyone seems so focused on statistics this is undoubtedly an impressive result.

The last three metro wins in a row have been particularly special for our team and we are very grateful for all the hard work, attention to detail and kindness that our staff show every day to our horses. At the end of the day Danny works hard to assist every horse to reach its maximum potential whether that be group level, on the International stage or a simple country race win.

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