Congratulations to the connections of Neptune Palace, Tontoro, Flinders Sea and So Parisian who all recorded wins in the last three weeks.  If Mon Via Vita had drawn a decent barrier we are sure that she would have also be up there with the winners as she has put in some tough runs from the outside barriers.
There is no denying we were doing it tough for a while with a virus that wreaked havoc on our team and stopped them from showing their best form.  Additionally, the wet weather that plagued South East Queensland for most of last year and the first half of this year also had a huge effect on our runners’ performance.  It is difficult to get winners when none of our horses can handle the heavy tracks. 

Thankfully with all of that behind us we are now starting to see the rewards of Danny and the teams hard work, patience and perseverance.  We are also extremely grateful for the loyal support of our amazing owners who understand that sometimes no matter how hard you work in this industry everything has to fall into place on the day.

On another positive note the 2YO’s we purchased earlier in the year are all progressing very well with their education.  As we come into spring the fillies remain a joy and the colts seem to get fresher, cheekier and always up for a quick nip if you let your guard down.

As usual Danny had the youngsters knees X-Rayed before they start fast work to ensure that they are physically capable of the increase in workload.  Every year we are more convinced that this is the only way to truly tell if the growth plates have closed.  Breeding does not seem to guarantee that a horse is ready, as the ones that you suspect will need time, can often be more advanced than the ones who come from strong 2YO performing families.  As a result of the X-Rays a couple went straight to the paddock, a couple can continue with their education and a couple where cleared to start fast work last Saturday.

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