We are really looking forward to reading the article meticulously researched by Ross Stanley on the Bougoure dynasty of horsemen which will be appearing in the December issue of the Queensland Racing Calendar.

It was fascinating to meet Ross and hear the tales that he had uncovered about the feats of horsemanship displayed by several generations of Bougoure’s. Whilst three members of the Bougoure clan went on to achieve international success: Champion jockey Garnet Bougoure in Europe, Doug Bougoure through his Australian Hall of Fame Champion Strawberry Road becoming the first horse ever to win at Group 1 level on three continents and Danny J Bougoure through his Australian Champion Sprinter Falvelon twice winning the prestigious International Hong Kong Sprint: there have been many examples of exceptional horsemanship in the family.

During his research and discussions with June Bougoure, wife of Doug and mother of Danny Ross came across the attached baby photo of Danny. The image of Danny so young but obviously confidently sitting astride the paint pony is indicative of how working with horses is clearly in the Bougoure’s blood.

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