After a quiet month of March with hardly any starters April has kicked off well with a couple of nice wins scored by Like A Ruler and Dancing Warrior.  Neptune Palace also ran a close second putting in a very promising first up start.  Our other fancied runner Rogali was terribly unlucky last Sunday when he ran into severe interference.   A horse in front of him clipped heels and dislodged his jockey.  Rogali narrowly missed the fallen jockey but was not so lucky with the riderless horse.  As it crashed into him Rogali lost a good three inches of his hide from his hip.  Realising that Rogali was injured Jockey Paul Hammersley carefully pulled him up.  We are pleased that both Rogali and the fallen jockey are both alright.  A few promising jump outs yesterday have also boosted the stables confidence that we will be in the winner’s circle again very shortly.

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